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What's a Control Valve?
Control System

The Control Valve is the "final control component" of any fluid process control system. Whether the output parameter is as simple as flow rate, pressure or temperature, or more complex (e.g. a catalyzed compund, product color, biochemical compound), the control valve specification is critical to system success. Lobo Engineering can help assure that success by optimizing control valve selection and configuration.

There are many factors that influence design and application, ranging from fluid composition to cost. While no one feature uniquely qualifies a valve to be called a control valve, the performance expectations of the valve, the "control" required by the process, dictates the control valve definition.

At Lobo Engineering we strive to develop the best answer to the question of selection. From sizing to the actuation package, we develop a complete specification that will allow the client latitude for sourcing the control valve. Our objective is to help you solve your control problem.