Virtual Product Development
Control Valve Engineering

Mark began his mechanical engineering career in aerospace and proceeded to gain experience through work in military electronics, commercial kitchen equipment, computer peripherals and well logging systems. With his varied background and broad experience base he made a career move to become the responsible engineer for a high performance industrial control valve product line.

As Valve Engineering Supervisor for Research Control Valve, Mark led a technical team that worked continuously to evolve, grow and improve this internationally accepted precision product line. Working closely with valve guru Ray Gardner he honed his skills in solving engineering design problems with flow control applications of agressive fluids from cryogenic to very high temperature and differential pressures below 1.0 psid to 60,000 psid.

With the oil and gas industry resurging in the 21st century, joined Cyclonic Valve Company, Inc. where he gained credibility as the "go to" expert for severe service valves applied in well head rate control and injection pump backpressure regulation. Mark's engineering skills helped assure that the Cyclonic Valve would meet industry standards and be secure in its industry-leading position. The sizing and application analysis software he developed coupled with his direct communication gave the customer confidence that the valve system configured would solve their control problem.