Virtual Product Development
Control Valve Engineering

From control valves to commercial kitchen equipment, high-speed mechanisms to down-hole tools, Lobo Engineering has broad experience in making creative designs work. Our goal is to apply the appropriate methods to fully define a product and make sure the product performs as expected.

My objective for this website is to inform you of the practical aspects of mechanical product engineering. We deliver a high-value service to you by coupling computer modeling, analysis and simulation with 40 years of experience in manufacturing.

Lobo Engineering is equipped with the most advanced mechanical design and engineering analysis tools available for PC workstations. If you are a control valve user needing a successful control system or a manufacturer that needs to make sure your product meets the needs of your customers, we can help.

Please send an email to mark@loboengineering.com and I will keep in touch and let you know of updates to this website.

Mark A. Lobo, P.E. - July 8, 2011